Adjustable Manniquen Small (Made In Taiwan)

Adjustable Small Size Mannequins

(Made In Taiwan)

DH 650.00 DH 525.00 Excluding VAT




Small Size Adjustable Mannequin:

  • Fully adjustable dress form for use in sewing projects or as a display piece
  • 12 Adjustment Dial (Bust, Waist, Hips) provide a perfect fit
  • Hem Guide allows for perfect hems on skirts and dresses
  • Foam-Backed Fabric Exterior allows you to easily pin dresses, skirts, tops and patterns
  • Height Adjustment lets you customize the dress form to your height in a snap
  • There is an issue currently where the North American power supply on the products can cause electrical damage if plugged into power outlets in other countries.
  • Adjustable size:
    • Waist: 64 to 81cm
    • Bust: 84 to 102cm
    • Hips: 86cm to 103cm
  • Available in red, gray, maroon and black

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